Want to increase recruitment profits by 50%?

My favourite guru from within the recruitment industry, Greg Savage, has posted a relevant perspective taken from his vast knowledgebase.  He is showing how an effective Billing Manager can increase the company profitability – and in his case study by 50%.

Here is the full story Greg Savage Blog – “why-so-many-recruitment-managers-got-fired-in-covid”.

And this is the summary quoted from Greg’s blog: –

“This is a real-life case study. An effective Billing Manager can increase Operating Profit by 50%

• A 10-person recruitment company with an annual Gross Profit of $3,000,000

• Making Operating Profit of $750,000 pa

• Effective Billing Manager can increase GP per recruiter by 15%

• That is an overall increase of GP of $450,000

• Say $100,000 of the incremental increase goes to bonuses and commissions.

• The rest, $350,000, goes to the bottom line!

• That is $750,000 plus $350,000 equals $1,100,000• That is a 50% increase in Operating Profit – all because of increased productivity generated by a great Billing Manager.”

This is an emphatic case study that makes us all look at the possibilities.  Many actions are needed to ensure that the Billing Manager is effective.  Greg provides many positive suggestions on this topic through his previous posts.

And then comes his timely advice in his latest blog: “The dark ages are well behind us and of course, I don’t advocate a wholesale return. But what CAN you learn from those days? The future of recruitment is where art marries science. We need cutting edge technology and we must automate that which machines can do better than humans. But the future of recruitment includes sophisticated influencing skills.

You need it both. Tech and influencing. Have you got both?”  Reference – gregsavage/what-the-dark-ages-of-recruitment-can-teach-us-post-covid/

The technical part of Greg’s blog is where we at Represend provide a vital piece of the solution.  Using Represend provides productivity gains for all consultants.  Recruiters can save time, quickly preparing and sending formatted and branded resumes.  And start to receive actionable data, immediately the clients react to the submission.  There is no more guesswork waiting for a response from clients. No matter how many times they look at the proposal, the consultant will get realtime advice about the activity.  Time savings and instant feedback lead to productivity gains giving the recruiter time to develop their influencing skills and interface with people.

Let us show you how Represend can work to your advantage.  And don’t forget to ask about the latent benefits that may accrue from your clients revisiting your submission months down the track. Visit us now.

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