First Contact and beyond!

The new year brings new challenges to us all.  It has not started as we would have all liked with several new COVID cases cropping up and reminding us of the trauma of 2020.

So, let’s look beyond that.  Now is the time to hone our skills and be ready for the wave of business opportunities coming at us. 

I am not a great networker and have to try hard to meet new people.  The best part is that once I have braved the chilly waters and connected to new people, I have found the experience very satisfying and rewarding, both personally and professionally.

I want to share an article I recently had passed to me that is excellent advice. 

It’s a quick read  – and very helpful for some of us do-these-5-emotionally-intelligent-things-within-5-minutes-of-meeting-someone.

I wish you the best for the coming year and look forward to the opportunity to practice this advice in person in the coming months.

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