Are you making dumb decisions?

“Short-term thinking is leading to “really dumb decisions,” says Jamie Dimon. The JPMorgan Chase C.E.O. told a CNBC-moderated panel that governments aren’t taking steps to bring about healthy economic growth, including addressing income inequality. “What we focus on is blaming each other and we stifle ourselves, because we are unable to do very basic stuff,” he said.” Quote courtesy of The New York Times.

Some quotes apply across more than the industry that they are targeting.  This quote, taken in its original context, is both a financial and political comment.  And I think we can also use it to look into our mindset in the Recruitment industry.

Are we as individuals and companies, forgetting long term gains for short term thinking? Are you blaming the environment and not getting on with planning for the improvements that will certainly come?

We need to ask the questions and understand that what was is no longer.  We are back to real recruitment principles, where relationships matter. Where jobs do not just walk in the door. Where we have to develop our business and provide service levels our clients need in these challenging times.

There are more and more tools available to assist our moving out of the COVID economy. Tools that help with ensuring that we can achieve the service and relationship building that we know we are good at doing.  In addition there are lots of great people offering positive solutions. (For example have you seen Greg Savages latest gift to the industry with the library of his podcast series

What about trying out the various business development and productivity tools available that are offering free trial periods.  Now is the perfect time to see what can work to assist you in becoming a much better recruiter. Are you taking advantage of what is on offer? What have you to lose?

See us at for more information about how we can help you.

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