Change and are you ready

A memory and now you can still celebrate but only with your household – social distancing and isolation applies for the time being.

Hi guys

I hope you had a good weekend – plenty of rest and exercise and a little party time with your household and closest video friends. This is the new norm for socialising for the time being.

Here are some thoughts for you to ponder – I was listening to an investment guy the other day and he was able to relate a story told to him by his mentor – this mentor is a very wealthy guy who has been through a number of financial downturns.

His advice was to look at what is happening – determine what has changed and try to figure out what will be the new normal. He learned to adjust to the changes and profit from them.

For me this means a number of things – not only for the investment perspective but from ways of working – travel – socialising and looking at how that will affect the way we work and go about our daily lives over the next few years – it gives us a lot to think about and a lot more to plan for possibly a new way of looking at our friends and family, the way we work and interact with our world.

When we review some of the data from the Spanish flue pandemic we can see some parallels – social isolation became important and stayed with the population for several years after the pandemic had abated – and remember that a flu injection was not available till around the start of the second world war – some 20 years after over 50 million people died of the Spanish flu.

If you are a leader of your family, company or community, or just a member of one of these groups, are you thinking a little beyond the current situation?  Are you planning for the changes that will come from the new “normal”?

The situation we find ourselves in will pass – our task is to understand how to cope with our current circumstance and at the same time learn to look at what is changing and work out how to adapt from what we are learning today. Plan for the future as there will surely be one.

I highly recommend a book Who Moved My Cheese? – written by Dr Spencer Johnson published in September 1998.

Stay well and welcome to the future.

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