Are you on the right road and your systems fit for the recovery?

Greg Savage always gives excellent advice to the Recruitment industry and is now sharing some bright and encouraging news. 

Greg’s latest blog post showing data from Represend’s integration partner, JobAdder, gives a glimpse of what is happening in our market.  With the bright forecast covered in Greg’s own words – “….this data shows that as soon as even a modicum of confidence returns, hiring will rebound. And when that happens, the sun will shine on recruitment again.

Whilst we are not out of the woods, the forecast is that we are heading in the right direction.

The question I have for you is; “are you ready for the improvement?”

This simple inquiry covers a lot of ground.

  • Have you tried any new procedures and processes to ensure that your methods are the most efficient? 
  • Have you prepared your staff for any increased activity and given them the right tools?
  • How are you going to operate over the short and longer-term?
  • Are you ready to operate on changed terms with your staff?  The Covid workplace has changed the office and WFH picture, and do you know what is best for you and your team?

I want to say that I have the answers.  The truth is that we at Represend are still exploring the technologies available and availing ourselves of whatever education and trials are available.  We still have a lot to learn. 

Then, on the flip side, I received this invite to download an ebook from Smart Company.  This gives insight into how you can build your company to future proof your workplace culture.

To quote the author in the brief introduction “As businesses grapple with the economic uncertainty of a recession and the forced transition to remote work, the challenge is to maintain a strong company culture while managing your employees’ productivity and mental health”.

You can never get enough information to assist you in your path forward.  Now is the time to act!

I invite you to visit us at to see how we can assist your productivity.  Have a look at this comment kindly offered by Sam ElderfieldI use #represend daily and it’s changed my life“. See his full remarks here.

I leave you with Greg’s words when he poses two questions “Has the recovery really begun? Are you falling behind?”